Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we heading? What is the purpose? What is it all for?

Before we can answer questions of meaning and purpose we need first to identify who is doing the thinking. There is a distinction to be made between what we are able to think as individuals and what we are able to know when we access our higher awareness.

Somewhere along the line we seem to have forgotten the whole point of life, and because we can’t remember we sometimes imagine that there is no point.

We need to examine the assumption that we can’t possibly know why we are here. We have got ourselves horribly tangled up and confused with this idea of something greater than us. Unable to see what we are in reality doing, we imagine some higher power is in charge, and we increasingly abnegate responsibility for more and more. We limit ourselves to the level of self.

We need to free ourselves from all the excess stuff that pertains to the specific local self. We could start with the “low-hanging fruit”: persistent repetitive thoughts, be they anxieties or just screen saver thoughts. I’m sure you know the kind of stuff I mean, the background noise, the ongoing chatter.

Next we could try letting go of the habit of trying to remember things. Of course we need to know certain stuff, and I’m not trying to deny what it means to be human, nor to do away with the developmental stages of childhood through to adulthood.

This is about differentiating the frontal lobe from other parts of the brain, keeping the frontal lobe cleared and freed up for new thoughts, a kind of gateway into universal consciousness. Leaving the rest of the brain for more routine functioning.

Why shouldn’t we know?

Why do we suppose that everything has to be created by something else, be it an external force, being or deity?

We create ourselves. And I do not just mean at the superficial level of individual personality and attributes. I mean by coming into being we create ourselves. It is a process of emergence, of unfolding. That we are not conscious of the process does not mean to say we are not doing it, and ultimately responsible for it.

Perhaps we should be asking the question: Why shouldn’t we know all there is to know?


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