This is all a dream


Do we have even the faintest idea of how powerful we are? Do we realise that our minds have infinite potential? We can literally do anything, go anywhere, know everything – know everything there is to know and then create more to know.

Our minds are infinite, but we are so bogged down with the humdrum limited horizons of our small and narrow human existence that we miss the wonder whizzing by, it completely evades us.

Our minds are at the epicentre of creation, but we are still in darkness imagining we can’t see without light. We are like janitors who see only the fire exits and emergency lights, looking for the switches to illuminate the whole building. We creep around in semi-darkness feeling our way around for switches on the walls not realising that the switch we need is in our brain. If we understood that we would know we don’t need light, we don’t even need eyes.

We are looking from down the wrong end of the telescope.

One of the hardest things for us to realise is that we are not children. There is something very comforting about the idea of a parent-like protective God that will look after us. But that is from the perspective of our limited separate selves.

As beings “created by God” we have a limited awareness and power, not equal to God’s, and ultimately we can only be responsible to God not to ourselves. This has led to abnegation of individual responsibility which has left us disempowered and demoralised, and unable to meet the challenge of who we are.

We created ourselves. This is all a process of awakening. Sometimes we get glimpses, but all the time we rely upon the senses we created for answers, real understanding eludes us and we are destined to remain at the level of existence that those senses can perceive.

If all you have is a hammer you will see everything as a nail.

We only know what we think we are capable of knowing. Our understanding is limited by our own self-limiting beliefs. And we have got ourselves side-tracked, bogged down in the minutiae of our individual lives. We forget that it is we who have chosen to limit ourselves, and we who call the shots.

One day we will wake up and realise that this has all been a bad dream.


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