The Spirit of Socrates


We need an opportunity to ask the big questions, with no agenda, in a spirit of discovery, a voyage into the unknown, drawing on everything we can.

This needs to be the broadest church possible in the purest sense – beyond religion, science, theology, a kind of philosophy that takes as its starting point direct experience. A philosophy that is predicated on the innate wisdom and knowing that exists in each of us.

Perhaps, bringing the spirit of Socrates back to life, if we can formulate the questions the right way the right answers will follow.

Believing and knowing

To what extent can we know something just by deciding that we know? What is the difference between knowing and believing? To know surely just means “believing” what our mind and senses show us.

Believe implies that an alternative view may be possible. To say one believes is less forceful than to say one knows. But how can we really know anything?

Perhaps we can speculate that there are broadly two levels of consciousness: one is timeless and universal and one is rooted in time and the specific self. “Knowing” in the truest sense is a function of the timeless and universal, whilst the local self is in the business of “believing”.

We are at the Epicentre

I have “come to believe” that we are at the epicentre. Aside from our separate selves which are dispensable and have a short shelf-life, we are also connected to and part of “all that is” expressing itself in billions of different ways. Our minds are just the tip of the gigantic iceberg, which they simultaneously are.

Let us suppose that consciousness is the primary reality, and living or not living are secondary manifestations. This can lead to a blurring of the distinction between being dead and alive. Depending on whether we nurture wider consciousness in ourselves or focus only on the minutiae of our individual lives, we may find ourselves “dying” while still alive. We might also speculate that being dead doesn’t necessarily open one up to a new level of consciousness. We choose whether or not to be open.

I’m looking for what lies beyond the immediate details of our lives. I get this feeling that reality is elsewhere. This waking life is a dream. The identity that is “me” is a construct. I feel no more real than a transistor radio, just receiving signals.


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