Decluttering the mind


Decluttering the mind is the first step to improving how we think. The goal is for the mind to become a blank canvas, a TABULA RASA, from which point we can become receptive to new insights.

Part of decluttering the mind involves discarding outdated notions of self. We need to re-define who and what we are. And we need to re-evaluate concepts like God, intelligence, understanding and awareness.

Awareness transcends the individual. It cannot be restricted or bound down. It is something in and of itself. From this perspective we may recognise that intelligence, understanding and insight are different manifestations of awareness.

Our relationship with awareness is a profound and symbiotic one. At the level of self awareness is something we may have access to, but at the greater level of creation we are both part of that awareness and co-creators of it.

We may legitimately ask whether the awareness we can access from the limited level of understanding of the self is really worth anything at all? Surely things look very different depending on the vantage point from which one is observing. Do we, from the limited perspective of our “selves”, have the capacity to get beyond the relative?

The answer lies in becoming very still.

First we need to quieten the mind. This is why it is so important to declutter and to rid ourselves of the delusions of self. From the perspective of a clear and decluttered mind we can allow our minds to wander wherever they want to go. From this perspective we may start to believe our thoughts, whatever they truly are.

For absolute truth to exist there needs to be intelligence capable of grasping it.

Non-memory based thinking

Once a certain level of self-awareness is achieved it becomes possible to embark on a greater level of awareness through non memory based thinking.

This involves clearing the mind and purposeful forgetting.

The first leap of faith is the recognition that what we need to know comes to us when we need it with no effort. The next leap is when we start to access to insights and information we have no first hand experience or knowledge of.

Gradually we draw less and less on our own direct individual experience and knowledge. Increasingly we exist on another plane of awareness where we are omniscient, at one with ‘all that is’.


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