Perils of the ego


Our minds are not separate. We have one mind, but many brains and these brains develop minds of their own, counterfeit minds, poor imitations of the real thing. Some imitation minds are pretty convincing – they nearly always are to themselves at any rate!

The trick is to somehow find a way to jump out. You need to do it very carefully, so bogged down as you are by the burden of your separate existence which you are so duped into believing is your real self. Your counterfeit mind will trick you in every which way.

Look how it is enjoying reading this right now, and thinking how cleverly it is disguising itself as your real self. It might think it has become invisible, that it has lulled you into a false sense of security while it spies on your efforts to decommission it. But at another level it knows the game is up, because if it really takes on board what you are saying it knows that it is only an illusion.

Don’t imagine it’s going to go without a struggle. It may realise it is only an illusion, but it will feel very real to itself and it is highly unlikely gracefully to step aside and let you in. It will fight tooth and nail to retain the right to exist on its own terms. It will form a barricade around itself, it will make itself impregnable.

But at the same time it will be horribly conflicted.

Let’s just say that your counterfeit mind, being pretty good at what it does, has understood its own limits, is signed up to the overall objective of omniscience and is prepared to be a willing agent in its own destruction – a pretty tall order – even then, it is tragically doomed to sabotage its own efforts.

Is there somewhere for it to go? Perhaps we can find a fitting requiem, somewhere it can rest in peace…..

Now pause and think about this for a moment. If you understand what I am saying, and I mean really understand it, you will know that you are not real. The tool which you use to think, your counterfeit mind, has taken you over and assumed an identity, which you think is you. It’s not. The tail has been wagging the dog.

I know this sounds catastrophic but the only painful bit is making that realisation. And it is only painful for a nano second. Think of it like jumping into a pool of cold water – as long as you keep moving you will quickly adjust and soon you will wonder what took you so long.

If you have already made this leap, you will know that really is all there is to it.


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