We have unlimited access


It is possible for each of us to have unlimited access to everything there is to know, including the answers to all the important questions like who are we, why are we here, where are we going. This involves a fundamental shift in awareness away from our individual perspective to a wider consciousness.

Our separate selves are not real but we can embody what is real – our bodies were built for that ultimate purpose. We are at the epicentre, what we previously called God, the originof everything, and full realisation of that is only the blink of any eye away.

Why is it so important to ask the Big Questions?

Because if we knew why we were here it would make a massive difference to how we live our lives.

The level of threat we face today has never been greater, but the mindset that got us into this mess won’t get us out of it. We have built our civilisation on a fundamental error, a misunderstanding of who we are. We are sleep walking into disaster, and if we are to survive as a species we will need to change radically. We will need to evolve to the next level.

To begin, we need to focus our minds on what matters. The answers to all the Big Questions are imprinted on our DNA, but get lost in the minutiae of everyday life.

Problems with Faith

We need to really know not just be told what to think. We each need to experience the answers for ourselves. It’s not enough to piggy back on other people’s ideas, or rely on time worn notions handed down from previous generations.

Faith in an external or separate God is no good to us. It keeps us at the level of children leading to an abnegation of responsibility, unable to meet the challenge of who we are. By coming into being we create ourselves.

The word God has become practically meaningless through mis-use. Faith belongs to a mindset that keeps the ego-self separate. Breaking apart the “concept of God”, we need to move beyond two polarised positions of faith or no faith.

Taking a leap beyond faith

1. Practise keeping your mind clear, silence the internal dialogue.
2. Sit with the intention of being open to new thoughts you could never have thought.
3. Observe what directs these thoughts, and where that comes from.


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