The constant battle with the self


Everything is back to front. It is as though we are looking at ourselves and the world around us from the wrong end of the telescope, trapped as we are by our limited selves. Our main problem stems from a lack of understanding of who we are.

The really hard thing to comprehend is that the self is not real. The self is an illusion, a construct infinitely malleable. The illusory self is the obstruction, the problem, the stumbling block to real understanding. We may fear that nothing lies beyond the self, that only the world of our senses is real. But this is a fundamental misperception and limits our horizons and understanding to a fraction of what we are truly capable of.

If we could tune our minds differently we would realise we are omniscient. We are more than capable of handling all the challenges we face. From perspective of wider consciousness we can answer all the most important and baffling questions of our existence.

Wider context of consciousness

There is an important distinction to be made between awareness and understanding that is accessible to the individual self and wider consciousness. The first is rooted in time and the specifics of our individual sensory experience, the second is timeless and universal.

These two different levels of consciousness can appear incompatible, but we need to find a way to bridge the gap. The question is how do we gain access to understanding and insights from beyond the individual to a universal perspective.

We need to start from the filter of being human. From our limited individual mindsets we cannot know the answers to all the big important questions, but we can at least have an inkling what those questions are which is a good starting point.

Moving on

What is our current mindset? The difficulty is how easy it is to get drawn into the mundane. A lack of understanding of who we are keeps us focussed on the daily grind and minutiae of our separate selves.

But this is an important part of the journey. We need to come to terms fully with our separate selves and history before any chance of transcendence possible.

Ultimately we need to find what is of real, lasting value. This will include challenging the assumption that the human race is the only or ultimate manifestation of consciousness. Why should we have the monopoly?


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