Where we will be one day. Thinking from a higher and more integrated perspective, using all our faculties and parts of the mind we haven’t yet accessed.

The massive acceleration in our technological and scientific capabilities has not yet been accompanied by any real grasp of the implications. We lack the understanding and moral development to be able to make the increasingly difficult decisions we are faced with. Right now we have too many choices. We are overloaded with information and it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is difficult to know what we should focus on, what we should think.

We must evolve to meet the challenges of the times we live in. We need to acquire the maturity and wisdom to recognise what is important, and to cope with the responsibility that our knowledge gives us.

In order to be able to focus our minds on what really matters we need first to look at how we think. And this involves examining assumptions governing our perception and understanding of the world, how we perceive ourselves in relation to others, and how we relate to society and the world around us.
In the age of mass information it is even more important to recognise that it is not what we know, but how we know what we know that matters. The map is not the territory, no map shows all of its presumed territory – and crucially it leaves out the map maker. And the map maker is heavily influenced by the prevailing paradigms.

Does language determine thinking, or is it the other way round? And where can meaning and truth be found? Perhaps there are no inalienable truths, perhaps everything we think we know is really just opinion.

We need a radical realignment of how we perceive ourselves in relation to others. The mechanistic world view embodied by thinkers like Newton and Descartes is increasingly replaced by a more holistic approach where the individual and the social cannot be separated. The mind and the self emerge from the social. No individual has a mind fully independent of the social processes that produced it.

We have built our civilisation on a fundamental error, a misunderstanding of who we are. We are sleep walking into oblivion.  If we are to survive as a species we need to change radically, to evolve to the next level.

We must evolve to survive.


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