Using the mind instead of being used by it


I have to begin with my own experience because that is all I have got. My core problem has been that my mind developed a mind and will of its own. This phenomenon became particularly apparent at a time when I was under a lot of emotional distress. My reaction to that distress was to escape into my head, and live a kind of parallel life one stage removed from true feelings. Although it became fairly extreme, I came to see how the pattern had been set many years before.

I doubt very much that my experience is unusual. It is the mind disconnected from present experience that takes one away from the authentic self and high jacks one’s very existence. Like everyone I have my own particular story, and at one time the archaeology of my soul was necessary, but what interests me now is where lessons from that story can be of general use. I am looking for generic patterns, formulae even, to facilitate a higher level of awareness.

One key lesson has been about using the mind rather than being used by it. Too often mind and heart have been at odds and mind has shot off on a tangent of its own. I have been seeking to integrate my mind in order to use it more effectively, firstly to clear it and then to re-build on solid foundations.

The Tabula Project is partly descriptive and partly prescriptive. On a personal level the need to be able to trust my own heart and mind, my own perceptions and feelings has been of fundamental importance. Without that trust there can be no foundation.

But on a wider level the whole impetus is to begin working towards a new framework for thought. To begin with it involves living in the present. And that means silencing the internal dialogue, only using analysis where it is helpful to a specific problem, as opposed to an ongoing commentary on every aspect of life.

We are only using fraction of our frontal lobe. There is a consensus that activity in frontal lobe is the physical correlate of imaginative thought, inspiration and creativity. The more we can declutter and quieten our minds the more we will free up the frontal lobe for new frontiers.

The kind of transformation I am talking about may not happen for many generations but I believe it will happen.


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